Week 1 checklist

This is a review of what we talked about in class on Monday.

What you need to do before class next Monday, Jan. 14:

  • Do your best to meet the Week 2 benchmark. To see the benchmark, look at Week 2 on the Course Schedule.
  • Read the whole Course Schedule page. Questions? Ask in class on Monday.
  • Read the whole Required Work page. Questions? Same thing. Ask in class on Monday.
  • Read the first post in the Assignments category. You’ll get a post like that one every week. That post will always have the category of Assignments.

In class on Tuesday, you will get your appointment time and day for Week 2. In that meeting, you will show and explain your work and demonstrate that you met the benchmark (or not).

On the UF e-Learning site for this course (log in here),  you’ll find a discussion forum named Learning Python. Please post all your questions about the Python language and Zed’s exercises there.

On Friday, I will post the first Examples post. That is where you can post a link (only ONE link per student per week) toward earning extra credit. More details about that are on the Required Work page, under the heading “Extra credit.”