Week 3 checklist for assigned work

Check the Course Schedule for your benchmark for Week 3. There are some useful links there too.

What I expect to see in your one-on-one meeting with me (Jan. 22 or 24) is all the work you’ve done from Monday, Jan. 14, up to the day of your Week 3 meeting. (Ideally, that will be Exercises 13 through 19, including 19).

Make sure you RUN THE CODE in Python, compare the output to the code in your .py file, and try some variations.

Also, I expect you to read AND DO everything on Zed’s pages, including the “Study Drills.”

Useful Tips

  1. Week 3 has a Monday holiday. Make sure you know what your meeting day and time are.
  2. Week 4 time slots are for Monday and Tuesday only. No meetings on Thursday in Week 4. Work to meet the benchmark for Week 4 before your Week 4 meeting.
  3. If necessary, you can attempt to trade your time slot in the Discussions area in E Learning.
  4. Read the course blog posts for hints and tips.
  5. Use the Learning Python Discussion in E Learning to get help if you are stuck!

Email me at my JOU.UFL address if you have a question that cannot be posted in E Learning or here, on this blog post!