Week 4 checklist for assigned work

Check your benchmark: This is your third week with LPTHW. You should work to meet the benchmark for Week 4 listed in the Course Schedule.

For two exercises in a row, Zed asks you to do things that are not writing new code. You should do them. I will ask you about these during our meeting. If you think the exercises are getting harder — you’re right! But I think that’s why Zed asks you to do the non-code things. He’s quite smart, and he’s really thinking about how we learn this stuff.

As the exercises get harder, I expect to see more comments in your code.

Read a post: I posted Thinking like a programmer three days ago. You should read it.

Get extra credit: Not many students have posted examples so far. I’d like to remind you that the grading system in this class is unusual, and without extra work, you cannot get an A. So please read the Required Work page to be clear about the grading, which I explained on the first day of class.

Don’t miss your meeting: This week we have meetings ONLY on Monday and Tuesday. Nothing on Thursday (I’ll be out of town).

Review: There are two PowerPoints for learning Python linked on the Course Schedule page. Many of you have found them helpful (I’m glad). I will post the third one on Tuesday night (I will show it in class on Monday).