What kind of salary will you earn?

I recommend two online articles for you this week:

Median salary for reporters $35K, $52K for editors (Poynter, Feb. 1, 2013)

Four steps to learn the web through coding (Knight Foundation blog, Feb. 1, 2013)

Both articles are quite short. The first one has several very informative charts that show current salaries for U.S. reporters, TV producers, etc. I particularly liked the chart titled “Employment and establishments in Internet publishing, 2001–2011.”

In the second article, some things will be familiar to you already — but I think you will gain something if you read the article and look for tips you don’t already know. I’m sure you will find some.

If you wonder how I find posts like this, it’s all thanks to Twitter. I made a list of journalism industry sources. I get a lot of good stuff from the tweets from that list. Learn more: How to Use Twitter Lists.