Week 8 assignments: Starting JavaScript

We’re back to a normal benchmark for all students in the class. We’re also going back to Codecademy — to learn JavaScript!

What you might not know is that jQuery (which you’ll learn after Spring Break) is JavaScript. So it’s very important that you understand how JavaScript works, because otherwise you will be very lost when we get to jQuery.

By Monday, Feb. 25, you should complete all parts and all sections of the first SIX JavaScript exercises in the Codecademy JavaScript track. This is linked in your Course Schedule (Week 8). Check the IMPORTANT NOTE there before you begin! Make sure you do not do the wrong exercises!!!

Be sure to complete every exercise and save your work in Codecademy. As before, I will check random exercises, and I want to see your work.

To get an extra “awesomeness” point this week, you can complete the remaining two Codecademy JavaScript units, “Objects I” and “Objects II.” But be sure you totally complete the first six units before you attempt those.

As always, you can submit an example of interactive journalism on the Examples post for this week. Five valid examples earn you an extra point.