Other ways to learn Web stuff

CodePen’s Pattern Rodeo offers you a fun way to test your skills. The weekly contest ran for four weeks. Each week had a different theme. Check out the winners! When you click the winner’s name, you can see (and copy) his/her CSS and JavaScript.

CodePen is a website where you can view other people’s CSS and JavaScript and HTML. It’s a great place to explore. You can look around as much as you want without signing up for an account. Or sign up (it’s free) and play there yourself.

Another fun place to play around is Mozilla Thimble. Some of the stuff here is too simple for you now, but there’s lot’s of good HTML know-how here that might be new to you. For example, learn about CSS positioning by playing with zombies!

Another part of Codecademy is the APIs section. There are projects here that let you use Python. There are some other projects for JavaScript. In these projects, you can learn how to build apps. Yes, apps!