Week 11 assignments: Continuing jQuery

By Monday, March 18, you should complete the benchmark listed in the Course Schedule for Week 11. You should also be experimenting with jQuery outside the Code School learning environment.

You can use the set of files provided to you in class on Monday, March 11, as a model for your own jQuery experiments. Make sure to separate all CSS from the HTML. Put all CSS in the separate CSS file. Likewise, put all jQuery in the separate JavaScript file.

To reuse the files index.html and script.js, simply make copies of each file, then erase everything between <body> and </body> in the HTML file. Then erase everything between the dashed lines in the JS file. Write your own jQuery between the dashed lines.

You might like to reuse some of the code here: jQuery examples.

Other simple examples: Live Examples of jQuery.

More basic examples: Animating with jQuery.