Week 13 assignments: jQuery tutorials at Lynda.com

For Monday, April 1, you will complete four (4) jQuery tutorials and produce your own version of the project from each tutorial. So you will have four different Web pages to show me.

Choose from ONLY these tutorials at Lynda.com (log in here):

  1. Create a Tooltip with jQuery
  2. Create a Rotating Carousel with jQuery
  3. Create a Sliding Tabbed Panel with jQuery
  4. Create an Interactive Map with jQuery
  5. Create an Animated Bar Chart with jQuery
  6. Create an Interactive Homepage Marquee with jQuery
  7. JavaScript and AJAX
  8. Create an Expandable FAQ Listing with jQuery

See the benchmark (Week 13). Do not substitute any other tutorials.

I recommend that you code along with the videos. Arrange the video window beside your TextWrangler and type everything that is typed in the video.

NOTE: When you show your work, I will need to be convinced that you did MORE than simply COPY the exercise files downloaded from Lynda.com. Make some variations. Play with the code.