Week 2: What you need to know this week

Class meets Monday at 3 p.m. in 3024 Weimer. We’ll have lecture and discussion for about two hours. At the end, you can stay and get one-on-one help with anything that stumped you in Zed’s exercises 1–12. You will be doing a self-quiz during class (not graded) to test what you have learned so far.

Bring your laptop to class, always.

You’ll get the maximum value out of the class if you have completed all 12 exercises before class begins. I know some students might need more time — that’s okay. But some things I will be talking about will be foreign to you if you haven’t done the last exercises yet. I’m going to talk about the concept of variables — this is fundamental in all programming languages. If you want to do cool things with JavaScript on Web pages, you will need to understand and use variables.

I’ll also talking about the difference between floating point numbers and integers; modulus (also called modulo); PEMDAS; and formatters (format strings). We’ll also talk a little about raw_input().

Individual meetings

I will reconfirm your scheduled meeting time (during class) to make sure it still works for you.

In your scheduled meeting with me this week, you will show me that you have met the benchmark for this week, Week 2. See the Course Schedule to find the benchmark. Week 2 benchmark = Week 2 meeting.

Make sure you bring your MacBook to your scheduled one-on-one meeting. You will need to open your exercise files and run them for me.