Week 3: What you need to do this week

This is the week with the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday on Monday. So we don’t get to meet in class on Monday. However, you have the same amount of work to do as in any other week. You will meet with me in person on your usual day and the usual time. I expect you to read AND DO everything on Zed’s pages, including the “Study Drills.”

Your benchmark for our individual meetings Jan. 21–23 is on the Course Schedule under the Week 3 heading.

NOTE: Reviewing my own files for these exercises, I see that I wrote LOTS of comments for myself. Those comments are very helpful, because I have not done much importing or writing files since last February. My comments help me remember what I learned and then forgot.

  • On YouTube: Python Lesson 16 — this lesson might confuse you in several ways, so I made a short demonstration video (2 min. 37 sec.) to help you understand it. Please practice with your own files and Terminal to learn how this really works. The video is not a substitute for actually doing it.
  • Powerpoint: This is what I would show in class if we did not have a holiday. It probably will be VERY helpful to you. You can download it or view it online. Strongly RECOMMENDED.
  • Practice with Python, Part 2 – Self-Quiz. Like the self-quiz you did during class last week, this gives you some problems to work out AFTER you complete Zed’s exercises. If you cannot answer some of these, you need to go back to Zed and practice more. (This is a Google doc, so you can save your own online copy and write on it.) I suggest you work through the PPT first, then do this self-quiz.

Some of you asked me for helpful Python resources. I usually do a Google search first, starting with the word python (e.g., python import modules), then scan the results for links to Stack Overflow,  tutorialspoint, or somebody’s blog. Check and make sure they are NOT talking about Python 3.0 (we are using 2.7), because the syntax is different.

Email me at my JOU.UFL address if you have a question that cannot be posted in E Learning or here, on this blog post.

SPECIAL BONUS: If you want to try the original “Adventure” game, play it here. (Zed mentions this in ex. 14.) To get you started: first, go east. To do so, type just the letter e, then Return/Enter. To pick up the items, type take and the item’s name, such as, take keys. To see what’s nearby, type look.

Screen capture from online version of "Adventure" game