Examples of interactive journalism – Week 4

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I’m really excited about this week’s example of interactive journalism: In flight: See the planes in the sky right now, from The Guardian.

Using real-time data, a world map shows all the flights currently flying, everywhere on earth, RIGHT NOW. You can zoom in, and you can also rewind time to 24 hours ago. The package also includes a mini-documentary (see links at bottom edge) about the history of commercial air travel, which, as it happens, started in Tampa, Florida, in 1914. There are some nice data graphics in the fourth section, “Hitting the Limits?”

This review provides a little background about how the package was made.

Screen capture: In flight

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3 thoughts on “Examples of interactive journalism – Week 4

  1. During the 2012 election, the Daily Beast compiled incidents of reported voting problems at polling stations and created this interactive map: http://www.havingtroublevoting.com/

    This was interesting because readers were able to contribute information that helped create the map as well as click through and look at the problems that other people faced.

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