Week 5: What’s happening this week

As always, your benchmark for this week is on the Course Schedule page: Week 5.

Resources from last week have been added to the Course Schedule page, listed under Week 4.

This week is our last week to look at Python during class. You’re learning about if-statements, for-loops and while-loops, lists, and (of course) Booleans this week. All of these will appear again in JavaScript.

We’ll start the class on Monday with your HTML + CSS test … ha ha, no, it’s not an actual test.

Then the PPT and an in-class exercise with Python.

I’ll be posting the specific benchmark information for NEXT week (HTML + CSS week 1) either Monday evening on Tuesday morning.

Don’t forget the weekly examples. You can always find these by clicking the Examples link in the right-hand sidebar. This is your chance to get some extra credit and also see, explore and be inspired by some great examples of interactive journalism work.