Examples of interactive journalism – Week 6

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During every Olympic Games, major news organizations create fascinating visual stories and data graphics for digital platforms. Even if you don’t care much about winter sports, these interactive and multimedia features provide a look at some of the best techniques for digital storytelling.

NYT - 2014 Olympics - Slopestyle

This week’s main example — Slopestyle – Mark McMorris – Sochi 2014 — comes from The New York Times. It’s not very interactive, but it is immersive, thanks to marvelous in-the-air and on-the-ground video photography.

Below, from Twitter:

Twitter Sochi 2014 photo collage

This Olympic Games photo collage is updated daily, showing images from Sochi that people have tweeted . Each day’s most-tweeted images are shown, and they are clickable, leading back to an original tweet. You can see a different selection of images for each day.

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