Week 11 assignments: Continue jQuery

Complete the benchmark listed on the Course Schedule for Week 11. If you have time, several students have recommended that you also work on the Codecademy modules for jQuery — they are an excellent supplement to the Code School exercises. If you complete all five Codecademy jQuery modules (this week OR next week), I will be happy to award you an “awesomeness” point for the extra work.

Project plan: Start thinking about the project you will complete for this course. Your plan is due in class on March 24. Your project requires three weeks of work, and I expect a solid seven hours per week (or more) for you to earn a point. Our individual meetings will continue, and you’ll need to show your work each week. No putting it off until the end!

Meanwhile, you are running out of time to get the extra-credit point for submitting examples. After this week’s examples post, only five more will appear.

The two PowerPoints from class, a link to the GitHub repo, and a link to recommended jQuery resources appear on the Course Schedule page, under Week 10.