Week 12 assignment: Create your project plan

Here are the details about your obligations for Week 12:

  1. Write a detailed three-week plan for your project in a Google doc (Google Drive). DO NOT UPLOAD A WORD DOCUMENT. Write a native Google doc so you and I can share it actively and edit it together.
  2. Carefully read all about the project requirements on the Project page. Check that your document covers all the requirements.
  3. Do all that BEFORE CLASS on Monday, March 24. During class, you will explain your project so everyone can hear about it.
  4. Share the Google doc with me before you leave class on Monday, March 24. Use only my GMAIL ADDRESS, which I will send to you in an email from E Learning (so you can look it up later if you lose it).
  5. Be prepared for close questioning about your plan during our usual weekly meeting March 25–27.

The jQuery (part 2) PowerPoint from this week’s class, a link to the new jQuery exercises GitHub repo, and a link to a jQuery “cheat sheet” appear on the Course Schedule page, under Week 11.