Examples of interactive journalism – Week 14

As always, add your own example for extra credit by providing a link in a reply to this post. (You still have two more chances to post, Weeks 15 and 16.)

A total of 18 animated and interactive charts make up this graphic from Bloomberg News: How Americans Die (published April 17). Sure, it’s not exactly a cheerful topic — but there’s good news in there. Our life expectancy has steadily improved since 1970.

How Americans Die chart 2 How Americans Die chart 1

What technologies were used? JavaScript! Specifically, a library called D3.js:

How Americans Die 3

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4 thoughts on “Examples of interactive journalism – Week 14

  1. My example is also from Bloomberg: “Pain at the Pump: Gasoline Prices by Country”


    It’s a comparison of gas prices around the world, and you can display the info in different currencies and units of measurement. My favorite thing about this piece is that it’s clearly well-researched and it’s not just tailored to US citizens – they went the extra mile to add in options for different currencies, making it more accessible for people outside the US.

  2. Brittany – That is an acceptable example, but I found it difficult to use when I tried to answer questions. I couldn’t select a country that I wanted, for example.

  3. My example is from The Miami Herald: “Billion Dollar Baby” http://www.miamiherald.com/static/media/projects/convention-center-comparison/

    Some of the interactive elements this project has includes the navigation bar adjusting as you scroll down to read the story, being able to click on different plans / toggle layers to see conceptual plans of the Miami Beach convention center district and the highlighted part of the map that is on the left side of the page changing based on what part of the plan in the story is currently on one’s screen.

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