Examples of interactive journalism – Week 16

As always, add your own example for extra credit by providing a link in a reply to this post. (This is your last chance to post an example.)

This week’s example is not journalism, but it’s a neat case of crowdsourcing in the public interest. Also, the design of the site is excellent — you should check it out just to see how inviting and appealing it is.

The New York Public Library presents: Building Inspector

Okay, it’s an odd title — here’s what the site is for: By donating a little bit of time, regular people like you help check a computer’s “guess” at building shapes and addresses. The data comes from old maps of New York City that have been digitized. To make a scanned map searchable (and thereby usable), we need more than just the image of the map.

We’re training computers to do the heavy lifting, and then distributing the remaining quality control tasks to smart, motivated citizens. The goal? To produce a comprehensive directory of old New York (or, as we like to think of it, a time machine).

NYPL Building Inspector

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