Week 1 in Spring 2015: Important information!

Hello! Are you thinking about signing up for MMC 4341L? All you need is one prerequisite: MMC 3260. If you liked that course, you are all set to learn Web programming and real code for making real apps!

See important Week 1 class details below.

Have you already signed up for MMC 4341L? Welcome! You’ll see that most pages on this site have been updated for 2015. Have a look around — About This CourseCourse ScheduleRequired Work and Syllabus are the key pages for right now. You can get access quickly on any smartphone by tapping the contents button (left of three): 

Screen capture - course website

Week 1 details

Thanks to the infinite wisdom of the people who made UF’s spring schedule, our first class meets on the FINAL DAY of drop-add (Monday, Jan. 12). If you are concerned about any aspects of the class before we meet, PLEASE EMAIL ME.

Moreover, it is ESSENTIAL that you come to class on Monday, Jan. 12, no matter what, because of the Martin Luther King holiday on the next Monday, Jan. 19.

We start graded homework assignments immediately in this class, so you will have deadlines during the week of Jan. 18-24. If you miss the first class on Jan. 12, I would have strong concerns that you might never recover, and then you will have to drop the course AFTER drop-add has ended. So just make sure you show up on Monday, Jan. 12, in Weimer 3024 at 3 p.m. BE THERE.

Laptop, not tablet

You must have a decent laptop to take this course. A MacBook is preferred, but students with a Windows laptop have successfully completed this course in the past. An iPad or other tablet is not a substitute for a real laptop.