Week 1 and Week 2 tasks and tips

We met Monday, Jan. 12, and went over the highlights of the syllabus. Don’t forget to read the WHOLE syllabus, which is here in a handy PDF format. You are responsible for knowing everything in that document.

The New York Times interactive I showed in class: Can You Live on the Minimum Wage?

Deadlines for quizzes and weekly assignments were explained. Quiz and assignment deadlines are clearly visible in Canvas, where the quizzes and assignments live. The project was discussed briefly — read all about it here.

We went over some beginner Python syntax and basic math. You will learn all of that in Zed’s exercises 0–12 (remember to use the Course Schedule to check which exercises to do this week).

When we use the Python interpreter at the >>> prompt, that’s “interactive mode.” If we run a Python program at the $ prompt, we are in Linux, Unix, bash, Terminal or PowerShell. Let’s just call that “Terminal” for simplicity’s sake.

When I navigated around my directories (folders) in Terminal, I used two commands, ls (list) and cd (change directory). Those and a few other useful things are explained here.

Complete LPTHW exercise 0 before your group meeting on Jan. 14 or 15 in Weimer room 3201, which is also called the AHA! conference room. This meeting is required! Bring your laptop with Python and your preferred text editor program set up and running.

Class does not meet on Monday, Jan. 19 because of the holiday. You will have an individual meeting with me to show your work from exercise 0–12. When is your individual meeting? We will set that up during the group meeting on Jan. 14 or 15.