Get ready for Weeks 6 and 7 and our HTML, CSS review

We will move on from Python after the Week 5 meetings, quiz and problem assignment.

Next up is a review of HTML and CSS. This begins in class on Monday, Feb. 16, when I will give you an HTML-and-CSS exercise to do during class and hand in. Based on this exercise, I will assess how much you know — basically, your skill level.

Before that class, you should review your previous work with HTML and CSS so you are properly prepared to complete the in-class assignment on Feb. 16.

Read the assigned readings. These are listed under Weeks 6 and 7 on the Course Schedule. Material from the readings will be in the quizzes in these weeks.

Review the checklist (link under Week 6 on the Course Schedule) to refresh your memory.

You can also review HTML and CSS at the excellent HTML Dog website.

DO NOT rely on the W3schools website. It is not a respected resource. See W3Fools for more information and other good resources.