Tips about your final project

First, all the details are here: Project.

Read all of that carefully before you start work on your project plan.

Your project should be sufficient to impress an employer in a job interview.

Look here for inspiration: Storytelling Now. Follow several links there. You will see a lot of very different things.

You might want to learn a new technology for your project, like Tabletop.js, or any one of the hundreds of other free JavaScript libraries that are out there.

But DON’T start with a technology. Start with a solution to a problem. People in x group want to do y. People of x type need to learn y. Then think about how to do it — how to make that solution — make it with code for the Web.

  • Games
  • Animation
  • Engagement
  • Interaction
  • Data

Those are some of the frames for types of projects you might create.

Not a bunch of Web pages. An app. Even if it’s not on a phone, it can be an app. For example, THIS is an app: Treatment Tracker. NPR makes lots of cool apps, like this SXSW music player. This is kinda sorta like a game: Parable of the Polygons.

Here’s more inspiration from 2014.


Dates for your project work

To be clear, these are the weeks in which your individual meetings are about your three weeks of project work:

  1. Week 14 | April 7 (meetings April 8, 9, 10)
  2. Week 15 | April 14 (meetings April 15, 16, 17)
  3. Week 16 | April 21 (meetings April 22, 23, 24)

So that week’s work needs to be complete when you come to meet with me.

The last day of classes is April 23. So I messed up here — I’m not allowed to make you meet with me on April 24, which is an official Reading Day. Therefore, the four students who meet me on Thursdays will need to schedule with me for earlier in that week. Of course, if you want to meet on Thursday, that’s up to you.

On April 28, I’m getting on a plane. I’ll be out of the country for about 10 weeks. So if you’re interested in the extra credit (due Monday, April 28, before 6 p.m.), discuss it with me.

Week 11 assignments: Continue jQuery

Complete the benchmark listed on the Course Schedule for Week 11. If you have time, several students have recommended that you also work on the Codecademy modules for jQuery — they are an excellent supplement to the Code School exercises. If you complete all five Codecademy jQuery modules (this week OR next week), I will be happy to award you an “awesomeness” point for the extra work.

Project plan: Start thinking about the project you will complete for this course. Your plan is due in class on March 24. Your project requires three weeks of work, and I expect a solid seven hours per week (or more) for you to earn a point. Our individual meetings will continue, and you’ll need to show your work each week. No putting it off until the end!

Meanwhile, you are running out of time to get the extra-credit point for submitting examples. After this week’s examples post, only five more will appear.

The two PowerPoints from class, a link to the GitHub repo, and a link to recommended jQuery resources appear on the Course Schedule page, under Week 10.

Week 16 assignments: Complete your project!

This is the final week of meetings for the semester. If you like, you can sign up for a meeting on Monday of finals week to try for 1 or 2 additional points on that one day.

For Monday, April 22, you will complete the work you’ve specified for WEEK 3 in your approved project plan. If you have unfinished work from Week 2, finish it.

Bring your completed work to show at your individual meeting with me.

Week 15 assignments: Continue with your project plan

For Monday, April 15, you will complete the work you’ve specified for WEEK 2 in your approved project plan. If you have unfinished work from Week 1, finish it.

You should always work on your project items for one hour a day, seven days a week.

Bring your completed work to show at your individual meeting with me. Also, if you have run into problems, or if you have questions, WRITE them down so you remember to ask me. If you need advice during the week, of course you should email me.

Do not change what you’ve agreed to do. Your project plan is a contract.

Week 14 assignments: Follow your project plan

For Monday, April 8, you will complete the work you’ve specified in your approved project plan.

You should work on your project items for one hour a day, seven days a week, to keep up the pace and not feel burned out!

I will print out your project plan on Monday, April 1, immediately after our class ends. That way I will have the exact copy we agreed on. I will use your project plan in our individual meetings to ascertain whether you have earned your 1 point — or maybe 2 points!

Do not change what you’ve agreed to do. Your project plan is a contract.

Week 12 assignment: Your project plan

By Monday, March 25, you should complete the benchmark listed in the Course Schedule for Week 11.

All the details about the project and how to prepare your personal project plan are on the Project page.

You must tell the whole class about your project plan during class on Monday, so you must have it finished and ready on Monday. In your oral presentation, you will state very simply a summary of what you plan to complete in week 1, week 2 and week 3. Divide it into weeks like that.

The Google document is what you will show me in your individual meeting (March 25, 26 or 28). You will share the document with me by 9 a.m. on the day of your meeting. That will give me time to read it and consider it before we meet.

NOTE: For Week 13, you will complete four (4) jQuery tutorials at If you want to use any jQuery tutorials as part of your project, they will need to be different ones.