What students said about this course in spring 2014

These are bona fide, unedited student comments from the official UF student course evaluations site. Those with no answer or “n/a” or “none” have been omitted. Students were all undergraduates in journalism or advertising who had no previous programming experience. Only eight students were enrolled in this course.

Qualities of instructor which contributed to success of the course:

“Her enthusiasm and clear description of the course and how much time we would have to devote to it to be successful.”

“She is very passionate about the course and the material which makes me what to learn more about the material as well.”

“Her enthusiasm for the subject material and our understanding of it made difficult course material easier to understand. She was always willing to give additional help, even outside of class and after work hours. The class was also broken down really intelligently so that we had a good foundation for more difficult material later in the course.”

“Ms. McAdams encouragement to play with code helped with my success in this course.” Continue reading


Double major in journalism and computer science

This quote —

… the fields of mathematics, statistics and computer science are ever more important to the emerging fields of data journalism, information graphics, and news applications. That’s where the jobs are. That’s where the industry is heading (arguably, already it’s already there). That’s the new quality and standard to which we need to hold journalism.

We’re never going to fill these jobs or really make impact in this space and push forward if we don’t properly teach and prepare the young’uns coming up. Myself included.

— comes from an article written by a journalism student. You should read it:

Re-thinking J-school, by Katie Zhu.

Games lead to great careers in journalism

Sisi Wei is a news apps developer at ProPublica and previously was a graphics editor at The Washington Post. She was one of our fabulous guests at Journalism Interactive here in Gainesville in February.

This blog post (open it!!) links to three Flash games she created while she was an undergrad journalism student at Northwestern. She graduated in June 2011. You can see her resume (PDF).

The point is, making games can teach you a lot! (In spring 2011, we still used Flash. Now we don’t.)